mercoledì 5 settembre 2007

why dotporn?

Everybody seems to be linking a youtube a video realized by the folks at Good Magazine, showing internet porn usage data in very sexy way.
It's nice to discover other people who share the infopornographic passion that lead to the design of ego[n] 2:dotporn. But we surely are not the first designers to be seduced by the images of desire and trasgression: from The Designers Republic with their Murray + Vern catalogue, to Kalimera with the Who's your Daddy video for Benny Benassi, ending with Steven Heller [probably the most famous graphic design critic] that not only wrote a book on it, but revealed a sordid past that saw him, still a minor, art director for two porno magazines, sharing a night in jail with prostitutes...
Passion or perversion?
Intellectual curiosity or low instincts?
Maybe all of this: to use Laura Kipnis's words, pornography 'should interest us, because it's intensely and relentlessly about us'.
It's this kind of inspiration that lead Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini to create ego[n] 2:dotporn, a fake annual report showing data and quotations found on the web. The booklet is presented as an annotated proof, complete with handwritten last-minute notes and corrections. Clp worked with Alberto Pagliaro's pencil drawings and Carlos Batts' photographs to produce a catalogue of trends, complete with prototype packaging for the new sex chindogu (a.k.a. useless objects).
Will this book manage to make everybody know that internet is for porn?!

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